Tuesday, 29 April 2014

#cruzoswanntechnologies RQ:-1 How to connect Call of Duty with other players on a network?

Firstly,You need to open Network and Sharing Center in the Network Settings

Go to Advanced Sharing Center in the left mid corner.

Now follow carefully....

Turn on Network Discovery
Turn on File and Printer Sharing
Turn off Password protected Sharing.

Now If u are playing on LAN, Just Connect the LAN wire with the others PC's and follow the same instructions as mentioned above.
Now Open My computer and go to Network or My Network Places displayed on left hand side.

 If the computers connected with LAN are visible in there.Then its Working....

Now Open COD MP

Go to Start a Server or Start a Game and Just Click on Create a New Server.If you want some changes,you can edit it before tapping create new game tab.

Other PC's connected to LAN will Go to Join Game and  the game.

If  the created game does not show up.At the bottom a Tab Appears namely filter servers . Mark the Without Password Tab.

Now Your Created game will appear and you can enjoy the game.

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