Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to install Windows on your device?

Firstly you require a bootable device containing setup files of the windows.

Now you need to restart your device.

If you know how  to set boot sequence for booting device,then first booting device should be the device containing setup files.

Otherwise if you do not know to set boot sequence,then after restating your device press f10 and for some device its f12.After pressing f10 and f12.

Now you need to select the storage device in which setup files are contained.

After selecting storage device,a series of automatic processes will be carried out and you follow the instructions on screen.

Now you have to select the following

First select install now and Then do not click on upgrade.Click onthe other option displayed.

Now it will ask for the partition where you want to install windows..Select the drive in which your old window was installed.Now click on format and select the drive and click Next..Now it will ask for minute details which you can fill up.

Now your window will be ready in few minutes.

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