Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to Configure Your Tp Link Router of any model ?

Firstly,Unpack your TP-Link Router Device.

Now Check for an Ethernet cable in the Box.

Now Connect Your Router with Adapter and provide electricity

Insert the Ethernet Cable  in any of the LAN Ports of your Router.

Now Connect the ISP cable in WAN Miniport.

Login to Your Device to which you have connected the Ethernet Cable.

Now Connect to the Wifi Network and It will ask for a password which is written at the back side of the router

If You Have an installation CD then Insert the CD into you Device and Run the Setup.

Click on Next

Mark Auto Detect in Menu.

Click Next

It will ask for  the Network Name;-

Give any Network name You Like

Now in Security Menu Mark WPA/WPA2 PSK and Enter any Password.

Now Click Next And Follow the Instructions and Click Finish at The End.
Now Your Router is Configured.

If You Do not have CD then Open tplinklogin.net in Browser.

Enter Username as Admin and Password as admin

Now Go to Quick Setup Click on Auto Detect and Follow the Instructions and Finish.

If You Want to Change Your Wifi Password Go to Security and and change your PIN as desired.

Now Your Router is Ready to be Used.

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