Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to earn real money online?

First of all you need to sign up with some Blog providing site.
You need to have some prior information about the topic,you are writing post on.
You need to have some perfection on the topic you are writing on.

You need to have enough matter on the topic you're writing on.
You need to write posts with enough words upto 300 words.

You need to write up to 50-60 posts.
You also need to drive traffic to your Blog.
If you Have Enough Views on Your Blog,You may apply for adsense.

Google Adsense:-
                          It is a Online Advertising Business started by Google about 10 Years back from now.
Google Helps Publishers and Advertise to connect to each other.
They help Advertisers to choose the Best matching Publisher to Publish their ads.
Publishers get paid to show ads on their content,domain or blog,etc.
In this Case,We are the Publishers.

Now Our Work is to write Posts and Drive traffic to domain or co-domain.

More the Traffic driven on your Domain or Co- Domain,more the money you make.

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