Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to Transfer Files to Other Computers and Laptops through Wifi without any Router or Internet Connection?

Firstly You Need to the Host Laptop or Computer from which Files need to be transferred should
create a Ad Hoc or a Hotspot.

To Create an Ad Hoc Connection,All you need is to follow the Steps:-

1.Go to Network and Sharing Center
You may get there either through Control Panel or by Right Clicking on the Network Switch on the Taskbar.

2.Click On Setup a New Connection or Network.

3.Now Scroll Down to the Last You'll Find an Option "Create wireless ad hoc".
Double Click on it.

4.It will ask for Network Name.Give any name e.g Sauhard.

5.If you Want a Security Key,You can Type One or You can Just Select No Authentication in Security Type Column.

6. Now Click Next,You are finished Creating.

7.Now the other Laptop which wants to receive the file Should Connect to the Wifi Network namely  i.e Sauhard
8.Both the Laptops should have enabled Enable Password Protected Sharing,Network Discovery and Allow User to Read and Write Options in the Network and Sharing Center>>Advanced Sharing Center(on left )
9.Now the Sender Should Go to My Network or Network,He'll Find the Users Connected to His Ad Hoc Network.He should Click on the One to whom he wants to transfer files.It will ask for Username and Password.

10.Username is the  Logon Account  Name of the User and Password is the Logon Password to Windows.The You can Read Files From the Receivers Laptop and Can copy files to  his/her Laptop. 

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