Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to get traffic through your site?

The following things you need to do for improving your site ranking.

1.Post your Site Link on Various Social Networking Sites such as facebook,twitter,google+,etc

2.You should keep guest post on your Site.

3.Always make up a Contact Us column.

4.Claim your site at alexa.com

5.Create Backlinks.

6.Post your site URL to various blog sharing sites.

7.You may share your site link to the people you are known to using various live chat sites such as Omegle

8.You Should develop SEO for your site.

9. Try Increasing Your Alexa Rank.

10.Only Post Useful Material.

11.Do not Post any Fake statement or material.

12.Allow users to follow your Posts.

13 Make a separate column for Sitemap.

14. Make a separate column for Commenting about your Site.

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