Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What is an Operating System

What is Operating System?

Basically An Operating System may be of 2 types:
1.Single Tasking
2.Multi Tasking

Single Tasking

These were used some years ago and not in use nowadays.
Single Tasking can perform only one function at a time.

Multi Tasking

These kind of Operating Systems are being use nowadays due to its multi tasking i.e It can perform various tasks at a time.

Famous Operating Systems are

Linux Operating System

Windows Operating System

MAC Operating System

DOS Operating System


Linux operating system is very fast and efficient.Boot time is one-third to that of Windows Operating System
This Operating System is Free from Viruses and has very less number of apps and games as related to Windows Operating System.It does not work with exe files as compared to Windows Operating System

It has many Sub-Versions


These three are trending but there are many more.


Windows Operating System is The Best for Multi Tasking.It is One of The Most Famous Operating System at Present because of the Presence of a large amount of Apps and Games available for it.Windows Operating System works on exe files.It is Virus Prone Operating System but now a days due to Antivirus this Disadvantage has been Neglected.
It also has many Sub Versions
1.Windows 1998
2.Windows Mellenium
3.Windows Vista
4.Windows XP
5.Windows 7
6.Windows 8


It is being used only in Products Generated by Apple.


This was the  Operating System Used in Very Earlier Times.Now a Days New Laptops and Computers have DOS operating System and the Seller Installs an Operating System onto Laptop or Computer.As DOS is Very old ,It is Replaced by Windows Operating System or Linux.

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