Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to Run Live LINUX Operating System through Dvd or USB Device?

Firstly,I would like to explain about Live Linux Operating System.
It is an Operating System which can be run without installation.We can access all the features of an Operating System through Live CD or USB.

All you Need is the .iso image of the Linux Operating System,Nero or any Image Burner to Write Files to USB or DVD and make it Bootable.

Firstly,You need to Connect DVD or USB from which ,You want to Run Live Operating System.
Then Burn the Image to DVD or transfer to USB and make it Bootable using Poweriso,Unetbootin,etc.
Now Switch off your Laptop or Computer.
Open Booting Option and Choose the device from which you want to Boot the Live LINUX Operating System.
Now It will take 5-10 seconds and It will ask whether you want to install Operating System or Try.
Click on Try and Your Operating System will Load without Installation.

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